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 how we work

Stage 1 - The Brief
So, you need a website, a website redesign, marketing material designed, an email campaign, advice on branding or marketing ...let your goals become our goals.
Stage 2 - Scoping
We will come and spend some time understanding your business and Brand, your requirements, where any gaps are, and what we can do to help!
Stage 3 - The Plan
We will then put together a plan of what needs to be done, with our recommendations based on the discussions we have had with you. We have a special talent for re-branding and translating an existing brand between different types of media, without losing the brand identity. Also at this stage, we will review any existing branding, marketing, website content, strategies and give you honest recommendations of what isn't working, what is, and what just needs a little polishing.....and along with everything so far, this is free of charge.
Stage 4 - Over to you
We will give you a detailed breakdown of the pricing and timescales for each piece of the project, we don't speak jargon to our customers, and will explain each part to you in a way you can understand - then you just need to decide what you want! Our pricing structure is transparent and in a building block format, so we can tackle a project in small chunks if necessary and bill you for a piece of the project at a time. There are no hidden costs, and we only charge you what was agreed, so if further work is required then we will send you an additional quote.
Stage 5 - Milestones
We will agree the project milestones with you, so you can sign-off each crucial part of the project.
Stage 6 - Action
Then we get on with what we do best - putting your plans into action! We will give you visibility of our progress regularly in addition to the milestone sign-off stages.
Stage 7 - Sign-off
The project is complete, signed-off by you, and is now ready to go!

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