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Frequently Asked Questions

In Web Design there is often a lot of confusion on how everything works, and our aim is to make sure you have answers to all your questions before we undertake your project, without overloading you with technical jargon and information that you don't need to know.

See below some questions we often get asked, and if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to pick up the phone to us or send us an email.

What do I need to do to get my business online?
1. You need a domain name, i.e. a website address (www.yourbusiness.com). If the website address is available then you can buy it online, usually you pay for 1, 2 or 5 years and then renew - it's like a subscription (from £5.99 per year).

2. You need pages, images & other content to be stored so when someone visits your website they see your pages. This is hosting, your files are stored at the host, so they can be easily retrieved when someone visits your site. This can cost from £25 per year & there are different price plans depending on the service needed.

3. You need the website designed and built, and then uploaded to the host. Websites are designed first with graphic design software and then built when the design has been signed off.
How long does it take to have a website designed and built?
This will depend on the size and complexity of the website and the functionality you require, as well as our current projects, but we will endeavour to complete you project as quickly as possible.
If you have a deadline to meet, let us know.
Do I need site maintenance and updates?
Yes! Your customers and clients want to see new content otherwise why would they keep visiting your site?

This can be done for as little as £20 a month depending on the size of your site and how much content needs to be updated.
You can do this yourself but sometimes it's just quicker and easier to hand over the reins so you can get on with running your business!
What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimisation 'SEO' is the practice of designing web pages so that they rank as high as possible in search results from search engines. This is done in different ways, for example, keyword-rich content (what you write on your pages), metatags (page titles and keywords). Search engines 'crawl' your site (on their schedule - so it can take a while), and index your pages so they are generated in relevant searches.
Do I need to pay to advertise with search engines?
Yes, you can pay to advertise (but you don't necessarily have to), this is 'PPC' pay per click. You 'bid' on keywords that potential customers might be using to find a product or service you offer, then you the more you bid the more prominently you will feature. You pay the bid amount everytime someone clicks to go to your site. You can set a daily budget so when the money runs out you just stop appearing.

You can also use SEO to rank high in the searches, this is not charged for by search engines, see above.

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