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Logo is a small Web Design, Graphic
Design and Marketing business, which specialises in bringing
Brands to life across all types of media. We are able to identify
with businesses and Brands very quickly and translate their
essence into commercial and marketing ideas with creative
The company was founded by Emma Holmes,
who owns and operates the business, and trusted freelance support is used when necessary to deliver a project.

so how did we get here?
After having worked in Retail Head Office Merchandising for
a number of years, Emma moved into the Web Team at a
womenswear retailer, where she built up skills and knowledge
which she applied to personal projects.
Recently she decided the time was right to branch out on her
own, and offer the flexibility and creativity to clients that she feels
is so important.
We offer sound and honest advice based on experience and
a passion for business (and you can get that for free by
contacting us!)

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